Recordsjam Presents The First Log In The Artist Log Series Featuring Butch Dawson Where He Details His DIY Touring Experience


In our first installment of our Artist Log series where artist talk about their take on life. Baltimore musician Butch Dawson details his DIY touring experience on the West Coast giving you a raw account of what took place on the road. From this account, inspiration and knowledge is giving to those reading this log. Be apart of the journey while reading everything below.

I would like to start this off by advising all my up and coming musicians and rappers to do a DIY tour one time during your career. It builds up the experience to when you actually have a funded tour thats legit. Also I wanna share my experiences with you in the rawest way of explanation because i dont got time to grammer correct myself im just typing how I talk. Now i decided to give some advice before I go into the stories im gonna share because Im not sure where im gonna start! We had some pretty dope ass times here and yall or whoever is reading this deserves to know how cool these opportunities are.
Okay so after a tiring five hour trip from baltimore to La, after getting pass security, baggage claim, and escaping lax airport, the next move on our list is getting the rental van. so before we get to the van rental place, i noticed to see a gigantic doobie in a palmtree along with a lighter, and i instantly took it with plans to make two blunts out of it which i did, two of my friends who are also musicians in Baltimore was touring with me so we all went to Long Beach and smoked in a tree. For that to be my first 2 hours in La, its been very clutch things going and im just feeling good. The weather is great, the sceneries are incredible, and being in a new atmosphere just put you in a happy mood. We had atleast 5 shows booked for this trip and ended up doing 7 which im extremely proud of. The first night, my homie Stevie Crooks bought me out to perform on his set and that was insane because i was a big fan of him years before i seen myself recording and performing with him.
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Even though La is beautiful in many aspects, there are certain shit that makes la weird as fuck too.
One late night in downtown la, we were looking for a place to crash, and the homie verbz said that we could stay at his place but he was at a party that was going on until 4 in the morning. La time! now see my jetlag is at a all time high so im tired as shit, and the shitty ass la security guards and the house music was making it worse. We all decided to leave and wait in the van. As we walk to the car and unlock it, we see a nigga in the back row of the van sleeping with my homie underwear on his face. So he slowly gets out and says “i aint steal nothin yall can check, i was running from some missiles and need somewhere to sleep”. Maannnnn i wanted to knock this nigga out so bad but i was tired. I threatened him and told him to dip. i knew he didnt have any weapon on him because he was in a small white tee and bball shorts but still.. Sometimes i regret not putting my hands on him because he could of simply did that to another person vehicle and not learn his lesson but whatever. We laughed it off and started being more cautious.
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The shows have been wonderful. Each show is a different vibe and atmosphere. With booking these DIY shows, your performing for different crowds and demographics everytime so the reactions can be different. the most memorable show during the tour was this show in a place called “Joshua Tree”. Its basically in the outer areas of La, about 3 hours away, and it dry heat and desert and fucking mountains and cactus i mean i only see this shit on tv so im mindblown at the moment. but the stage we performed in was a pool. It had lights around the rim of the pool which gave it this coolness about how the scene would look at night. and you could really see all the stars yo…..very scenic shit! the folks in Joshua Tree really loved me and Elon’s music and automatically gave us feedback after the performance. Most of the people i talked to out there was very open about energy exchange and aliens and shit like that which was interesting to me because we in the desert and its a lil familiar with these conspiracy theories i hear back at home.
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We shot a couple music videos out here too but im not gonna fill yall in on that! We documented the trip too so anything that I haven’t shared with yall, most likely youll find out on the documented clips but i just wanted to share a few experience with aspiring artist who look to do the same thing in the future and to get a glimpse of how situations when you travel and that you can do what you want without depending on other shit. but i hope i gave you guys some entertaining and valuable information! Look out for the videos and the documentary coming soon!

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