Check Out Our Splendid Interview With Broooklyn Artist Nasir



We recently got the chance to have a delightful conversation with Nasir, a budding artist from Brooklyn. We discussed a wide array of topics from where to visit in Brooklyn, his unique name, his music & his cool parents. Enjoy the interview & learn a thing or two.

Recordsjam: It’s nice to finally get to speak with you Nasir, How is your day going so far ?

Nasir: Great actually. Nothing crazy really.

Recordsjam: What is a crazy day like in your life ?

Nasir: Crazy? I have way too many stories to even tell what a crazy day is. Closest to crazy would be a night whippin on the highway doing 100 in ATL with the bros or sum.

Recordsjam: Haha thrilling ! you visit ATL a lot ?

Nasir: I got fam out there and what not so from time to time or whenever I can.

Recordsjam: The name “Nasir” is one that stands out, is that your biological name ?

Nasir: Yup. Birth name. And I get so much shit for it but I got over it a long time ago

Recordsjam: What were the issues you faced ?

Nasir: As far as music went I use to just get what you’d expect “how dare you call yourself that, have respect for a legend” but what am I gonna do, it’s my birth name.

Recordsjam: Is there any significant reason why you were given that name ?

Nasir: Actually, my mom was a Nas fan but my dad was a Hov Fan but it was what my mom wanted and has been since.

Recordsjam: With that being said, it seems that you were born to make music !

Nasir: It’s an honor. My dad actually made beats back before I was born, which were ill and that I respect to this very day, so I was practically born into it.

Recordsjam: We have to ask, how was it growing up with a mom that is a Nas fan & a dad that is a Jay Z fan ? especially when Nas & Jay z were going through there differences.

Nasir: They’d always have their beefs between “Takeover” or “Ether” but I’m truly a “Takeover” believer. Ironically I like Hov more than Nas, but respect to both legends.

Recordsjam: Do you feel any pressure having the name “Nasir”, when it comes to you making music ?

Nasir: I wouldn’t even say there’s any more pressure anymore. We both are in two very different lanes and have two very different styles and he’s a great. We just share the same name, which could be a blessing and a curse.

Recordsjam: How was it for you growing up in Brooklyn ?

Nasir: Amazing. I love it. I’m still growing up and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I learned everything I know from my city alone and I still have much more to learn. I love my city and expect to do great things for my city.

Recordsjam: If someone was going to Brooklyn for the first time whats one thing you suggest they do ?

Nasir: Skip all the tourist shit. Hit Katz Deli in Manhattan, or the good vinyl stores downtown, or even  on Nostrand ave just to get the actual feel.

Recordsjam: Now that sounds like a good trip, at what age did you start rapping ?

Nasir: Basically my whole life but I started to take it serious probably my freshman year and this is my senior year right now. The progression from the years have been crazy for me in my opinion.

Recordsjam: What are some of the things you feel assisted you with your progression ?

Nasir: Experience, and hard work for sure. I stopped going out and stayed in my crib, built a home studio and started writing a whole bunch of songs until I got better and better. Until I felt ready enough to drop something.

Recordsjam: How has the support been from the people around you ?

Nasir: I have a strong team behind me. My whole RSL family (real shit last) has been there from day 1 and they’ve just been pushing and motivating me to do more than what I think I can do.

Recordsjam: What is RSL?

Nasir: A label, clothing, team, a family.

Recordsjam: Who are some of your musical influences apart from the traditional Nas & Jay Z?

Nasir: I’d have to say Big, Pac, Dom, Kdot, Drake heavy, Outkast, Pimp C.

Recordsjam: Do you have a favorite rapper of all time ?

Nasir: Hard to tell. I like a lot of artists way too much to depict one from another.

Recordsjam: What specific influences did Outkast & Pimp C have on you being that they are from the south & you’re from Brooklyn ?

Nasir: Music is music in my eyes. It’s weird, the whole geographic setting and what not but I fuck with music from all over. Especially if it’s good music. Like how I fuck with Dom Kennedy from the west side, all great music.

Recordsjam: What do you think about the blurred lines in hip hop in this time & age ?

Nasir: I think this generation of music is great. Great music is great music. It’s always progressing from one version to the next. I encourage all and new versions of great hip hop and great music.

Recordsjam: In your music you are very confident in yourself, where does all that confidence come from ?

Nasir: I mean I’ve always felt like I was meant to make the music. If you don’t believe in yourself then no one will in a sense.

Recordsjam: The song “3Peat” exudes that confidence, what inspired the creation of that song ?


Nasir: Competition. I’ve always been very competitive in the things I do and I felt I needed to be because ultimately no one else would.

Recordsjam: Some people would say the competitiveness in Hip Hop is not as strong as it use to be because it seems artist nowadays are focused on being being best friends with everyone, whats your opinion on that ?

Nasir: Nothing wrong with it at all, but there has to be some competition. It’s like a competitive sport

Recordsjam: We are sure for 2016 you have some cool things on the horizon, whats the plan for you this year ?

Nasir: I have something great up my sleeves. A project or two in the works. I have something great for my family and for my city this year.

Recordsjam: What information about about the project or projects can the people know right now ?

Nasir: I’m not allowed to say much, but expect some of my best work, with a lot more of my best work from upcoming projects

Recordsjam: What do you feel separates you from the other artist out here ?

Nasir: Confidence, energy for sure and creativity.

Recordsjam: With all the issues going on in America right now, particularly police brutality, will your future releases touch on any social issues ?

Nasir: I plan on touching on it more later in my career. As of now it’s a huge issue, but in order to even reach to that audience I have to build that audience and gain relations with that audience.

Recordsjam: & how would you describe a typical Nasir Fan ?

Nasir: I wouldn’t generalize any. People who like my music just enjoy it, and what it does to them emotionally, or in the moment.

Recordsjam: How would you define success for you musically ?

Nasir: Being able to not only get paid for the art, but to inspire someone to do the same or to do what I’m doing but better than me.

Recordsjam: That’s a good point, people need to realize that money is not all.

Nasir: Yeah man, it’s a love hate thing.

Recordsjam: Your parents are big hip hop fans, what do they think of your music ?

Nasir: My dad loves it, my mom doesn’t really like today’s hip hop so it’s different with her.

Recordsjam: What does she despise about the hip hop of today ?

Nasir: She thinks it’s weird and less genuine now. Before it was soulful and had way more meaning but now it’s just for a quick check.

Recordsjam: Would you say that’s a fair analysis or not ?

Nasir: For the most part. it goes hand in hand, and it all depends on which artist.

Recordsjam: Explain to us your thoughts on the rap scene in New York now.

Nasir: The newer artists, which are a few are crazy with it. They get much of my respect, the ones I do like.

Recordsjam: Are there any you can name that you are digging ?

Nasir: Jimi Tents from Brooklyn is doing his thing right and he’s always been nuts with the music so big ups to him.

Recordsjam: Do you plan on doing any shows soon ?

Nasir: After the projects are done for sure. Most exciting part of making the music.

Recordsjam: What can future audience expect from a Nasir show ?

Nasir: Heat. Pure heat.

Recordsjam: What advice would you give to people out there chasing their dreams like you are ?

Nasir: To do it! Pursue them, fuck what anybody else does and do you, especially if you’re good at it.

Recordsjam: Before we conclude this interview, we realize that you’re Michael Jordan fan, what would be the biggest lesson you’ve learned from him ?

Nasir: Well he’s once said that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so I’m taking my shots, always.

Recordsjam: This interview has been inspiring, thank you Nasir for chatting with us , we definitely expect great things to come from you, are there any last words you would like to say to the people before we end.

Nasir: For sure, thanks for happening, and I just wanna say thanks to those supporting, I won’t let anyone down, you have my word.


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