Butch Dawson Talks About Life On Tour In The Second Installment Of Our Artist Log Series


Hello world, welcome to the second installment of our Artist Log Series, again we have the talented Butch Dawson where he talks about the fun & mishaps that happen on tour.Currently Butch Dawson is on tour with :3ION, Dylijens, Urban Shaman & Freaky . A lot is learned below which is useful to anyone planing to tour soon. Jump down below.

Wassup y’all, Its ya boy Butch Dawson back again with another cool story about my touring and traveling experiences. Last time I shared my story with y’all, I was in LA for two weeks having a fucking ball. It was the shit I must say.  This time I will be sharing my DIY touring experience and will be splitting it in two post. Only because I’ll be on tour for like 40 days or some shit like that so i have to split it up.



The collective I’m in called llamadon finally purchased a van for tour, which we been tryna do for a long time and especially for this tour. Its crazy how we planned this tour initially because we only gonna do a west coast tour. That would mean we all would have to get plane tickets to Seattle, rent a van and drive down the country And we decided that the best thing to do is to drive and do shows before we get to Seattle and after we leave New Mexico so we basically connected the dots and bow!!! we had a country tour jump off! Lol


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Our first show was a success. It had me in good hopes that every stop would be a successful one. But with these diy tours, you can’t under estimate em. Like 30 minutes after we leave from the venue in Kansas City our car breaks down! Lol We spent the night at a gas station until sunlight hit and had to find an auto shop that sells a radiator of our van’s model. We had a friend from Kansas to ride out to pick us up and go back in the city then come back to the gas station just to install a new radiator. I really don’t think an artist is suppose to go through this type shit! Especially for tour like this, shouldn’t I be focused on creating than being a car engineer or some shit? But like I said, the DIY tour life is different. You gotta handle shit on your own and depend on your knowledge to solve solutions. Shit be real sometimes. But we got back on the road and our next show was in Denver.


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Denver was icey af. Not only because the weed we was smoking but the city of Denver is real clean and peaceful. Ima come clean it look like it don’t have a music scene there but I’d retire there on my old man shit you feel me lol. The team stayed here for about 3 days at the homie Will house. Just smoking big dope, recording music and just chilling. For me, the Denver show was a little weird. I’m touring with 3 other artists so every show won’t be the same crowd, we usually bring out different crowds of people based on our music which is pretty cool, but the folks at the show was giving me creeped out vibes and the couches there had this white powder on them that destroys bed bugs I believe, so i was just like “damn bruh where am i?”.
The next couple of days were driving, figuring out what’s our next move and how can we save cash. Some nights you might not make much money from a show, and you gotta depend on getting your merch off to survive and also keep in mind of gas and tolls and shit like that so you have to manage your money right. We decided not to hit Montana and Seattle because we would be going out the way to perform on a Monday and Tuesday that people might not attend. It would be a waste of gas to do that. So our next move was San Francisco.
Its been hot going thru Utah and Nevada but the scenery was a site to see. Rocky mountains, flat lands, cows and buffalo’s and horses with all this free space I really enjoyed that.

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The West Coast has been really good to us. We got to San Francisco and chilled there for a couple of days. It was cold as fuck man I really didn’t expect it to be that cold man lol!!! I linked up with the homie Stevie Franchise and we drove up a couple steep hills and found ourselves inside the clouds n shit. Definitely an unforgettable experience but the show we had there was pretty dope. Not only had I got the meet the homie but I met and performed with Left Brain. Really chill dude! Its just cool how artist who made it still out here doing music because they love it and still be able to perform at the DIY shows and shit that’s love right there ya feel me? Sometimes you might not perform at a professional venue. you could be performing in someones basement, a backyard, a warehouse, a cafe shit it doesn’t matter. Last year I performed in a pool and it was great. So if you out here tryna tour that DIY life, just expect that.


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We finally get to L.A and at that point I just felt motivated to work and so far, all the venues we performed at were well operating club venues. Los Globos was a highlight for me because I would always go to there to see other artists but now I finally have a show there so I lowkey felt accomplished that I got to do that. I been making music, smoking good weed, eating quesadillas, enjoying my time here. I stay here for another week and my adventure continues down in San Diego!!


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