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Examine A Day In The Life Of LEGO Man

Ever wondered what a day in the life of LEGO man is like, Advertisements

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Henning Marxen’s Beautifully Distorted Videos Changes Time and Perspective


Henning Marxen Crossvision experiment is hit. Read More…

Artist Do Ho Suh’s Shows The Rubbing Process Of His Former NYC Home With A Short Film

Artist Do Ho Suh shows the process of rubbing his former

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Chris Labrooy’s Surreal Images See Porches In Striking Positions

Chris Labrooy newest series is fantasy of many coming to life.

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Life Size LEGO Vehicles Join The Streets Of Rome

Domenico Franco makes your dreams somewhat a

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Artist Mar Cuervo Engages In The Art Of Crushing Food

L.A based artist Mar Cuevo’s fascination with

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Molly V. Dierk Tackles Consumerism With Neon Shopping Carts

Media artist Molly V.Dierk presents the neon colored carts

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